ICC issues guidelines for the safe resumption of cricket

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has published its guidelines for the safe resumption of cricket

The guidelines are intended to assist its Members in restarting cricket activity in their countries as government restrictions owing to COVID-19 are relaxed.

ICC issues guidelines for return of cricket

The ICC Medical Advisory Committee developed the comprehensive guidelines in consultation with Member Medical Representatives.

The "ICC Back to Cricket Guidelines" document provides guidance for the safe resumption of community cricket, domestic professional cricket and international cricket.

Cricket's global oversight body have not stipulated when members must resume play, saying that such a decision can only be made by local organisations in consultation with government.

"The guidelines do not provide answers to when the game can resume in different parts of the world, rather it provides a framework with practical suggestions on how members can resume cricket in a manner that protects against the risk of transmission of infection with the COVID-19 virus.
"The ICC advises its Members to use these guidelines as the basis to create their own policies for return to cricket activity in compliance, in all cases, with local and national government regulations (which should always take precedence) and to ensure the cricket community applies the necessary safety measures when resuming cricket.

Key Decision Principles

The primary considerations in developing the 'ICC Back to Cricket Guidelines' are:

1. Safety first

  1. a. The ICC's priority is the wellbeing of the entire cricket community.

  2. b. The resumption of cricket activities should begin only if there is no perceived or known risk that doing so might result in an increase in the local CV-19 transmission rate.[*]c. Every effort should be made to ensure that risks associated with the cricket environment, i.e. field of play, training venue, changing rooms, equipment, management of the ball have been mitigated before any training session or match.

2. Government advice

  1. a. ICC Members (and their own cricket communities) should be guided by the advice of their respective governments in relation to when sporting activity is resumed. Where sporting activities has been expressly forbidden by governments, no cricket activity should commence until approval to do so has been obtained from the government.

  2. b. ICC Members should be guided by the advice of their respective governments in relation to travel restrictions (domestic and international) and quarantine requirements.

3. Leadership and the wider impact of cricket

  1. a. Cricket can play a leadership role in combatting the global pandemic by providing positive role models for society.

  2. b. As the international governing body for cricket, the ICC is looking to provide all within the sport – individuals, teams, and national cricket federations – with clear direction to support a safe and successful back to cricket regime.[*]c. Cricket plays an important positive role in supporting individuals to gain a sense of normalcy in their lives and carries with it important physical and mental health benefits.

The ICC also provided cricket specific guidelines. To read the full document, click here.