Mourinho Will Get Tottenham Winning Trophies Again - Gustavo Poyet

Former Chelsea star, Gustavo Poyet has applauded Tottenham's decision to sign Jose Mourinho as he assures the Portuguese coach would bring silverware to Tottenham and justify the club's decision to sack Mauricio Pochettino.

Tottenham last taste of silverware came in 2008 when they went on to claim the league cup, and success has since eluded them. The quest for silverware led the North London side to end Pochettino's impressive five-year reign with the club and sign the proven winner Mourinho.

Poyet now come out to express his confidence to express his confidence in Mourinho as he trusts the 2-time Champions League winner to win titles for Tottenham.
He said:
"It's difficult to say if it was right or wrong [to sack Pochettino] because you don't know what the board was thinking," he told Stats Perform.
"From outside, it looks like, okay, they were through a spectacular five years with Pochettino, who did incredible things and the way he made that team play football and the way he was able to keep the momentum and get into a Champions League final in an incredible year, with incredible games.
"But they decided to change that and go more for a manager [Mourinho] who looks to win things, which is what the Tottenham fans were looking for.
"Now, if it was right or wrong, time will tell. What I say in the time he did the job is, if you give him three years at the club, I will be surprised if he doesn't win a trophy. I will be very surprised.
"Maybe he's unlucky and next year we don't have the League Cup and there will be one trophy less to play for, but he knows how to get players to play for important games.
"Cup competitions, on the day, it's totally different. I was lucky in certain times to win trophies, but always in cup competitions.
"I was part of teams, like Chelsea, where we were very good on the day. 'It's today, or nothing tomorrow'. And that day, I was lucky to participate in teams that were able to win those games."

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