Chelsea's former coach, Guus Hiddink, has laid claim that the London side 2009 UEFA Champions League semi-final defeat to Barcelona might have been fixed.

Speaking to Ziggo Sport, Hiddink said the terrible performance of referee Tom Ovrebo was the worst he has ever seen as it undeservedly denied Chelsea a spot in the Champions League final.

Ovrebo has often been strongly criticised for his biased officiating of the encounter in Barcelona's favour as he infamously turned down four Chelsea's penalty claims and made unfavorable decisions against them.

Hiddink have now come out to express his thought about events that unfolded that day.

Speaking to Ziggo Sport, he said:
"The referee performance surprised me because, in the past, he would have perfect performances," Hiddink told Ziggo Sport.
"Is it the worst refereeing I have ever seen? I think so.
"This is the only time I thought a match could have been fixed."

Meanwhile, In 2018, Ovrebo came out to admit he made genuine mistakes during the encounter. He claimed 'errors' are sometimes inevitable and was a day to forget.
He said :
"It was not my best day," Ovrebo told Marca
"But those mistakes can be committed by a referee, and sometimes a player or a coach.
"Some days, you aren't at the level you should be.
"But no, I cannot be proud of that performance.
"There were several errors, and everyone will have their opinion of those plays."

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