Ronaldo To Isolate For 2 Weeks When He Gets Back To Italy

Juventus talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been instructed to observed isolation for 14 days when he returns back to Italy.

Serie A clubs have been instructed to return to training on the 4th of May, but that would exclude players who would be returning from abroad as they wouldn't be allow to resume training till after 14 days - May 18 when they must have isolated.
And Ronaldo, who is currently Isolating on an island in his hometown in Portugal wouldn't be allowed to resume training until he must have observe the 2 weeks isolation period.

Ronaldo's teammates, Douglas Costa and Alex Sandro, who are currently in Brazil, are expected to return to Italy and will also isolate for the 2 weeks period.

Italy is currently the most hit nation by the coronavirus crisis with 205,463 cases recorded and 27,967 deaths.

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