Italian Serie A To Resume May 4

Italy's Serie A players have been cleared to resume training as early as next week.
The players are now allowed to resume individual training regimes from May 4 onwards, the Italian government confirmed on Sunday.

Major European leagues have been suspended since early March due to the coronavirus pandemic, with Italy one of the nations hardest hit by the outbreak. Currently, there are over 197,000 cases of the COVID-19 in the nation, with more than 26,000 lives lost.

Cases have began to slow in recent weeks, however, due to strict quarantine measures and Prime minister Giuseppe Conte as a result is looking to slowly relax restrictive measures.

"From May 4 onwards, professional athletes and those of national interest will be able to train while following social distancing rules behind closed doors," Conte disclosed in a press conference.

Conte is keen to gradually bring Italy back to normality following the horrors of the Covid-19 outbreak which prompted a lockdown that has lasted for almost two months.

"We are not yet in a position to restore full freedom of movement, but we are studying a relaxation of the current, strict regime, We will make sure to allow greater freedom of movement while maintaining our guarantee to prevent and contain contagion." Conte said in an interview with La Repubblica.

Although there is not yet a confirmation as to when the Serie A will be able to restart competitive action, May 31 has been mentioned as a possible return date.

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