Good news! German Bundesliga To Resume May 9

Major leagues in Europe were suspended early March due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, but the German Bundesliga is set to become the first major European league to resume amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Major football stakeholders in Germany came to the conclusion during a video conference on Thursday, April 23, between representatives of all 36 clubs in the top two divisions. They made the decision for games to resume on May 9, so as to complete the remaining league games.

According to Mail Online Sport, all games will take place behind closed doors with not more than 322 allowed in and around stadiums for top-flight Bundesliga matches and 270 for second-tier games.

The publication also disclosed that drastic changes will be made with hygiene precautions to be put in place with widespread testing of players and coaches at an estimated cost of £2.2million, while protective masks will be mandatory for some in attendance.

The German football federation (DFL) has estimated that 25,000 coronavirus tests at around £90 each will be needed to check each player on at least a weekly basis.

DFL CEO Christian Seifert revealed:
'The Bundesliga is ready to resume, no matter whether on May 9 or a later date. But it's not up to us to find a date. The political decision-makers decide.

'We have not defined an exact date today. The fact that we are even able to think about resuming games underlines the performance of the German authorities.
'It would be presumptuous for the DFL to name an exact date for the restart.

'It's not in our hands if we return or when. We have several options. If the signal comes in the next week that it can be May 9, then it will be May 9.'

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