Prolific writer and our usual contributor, Dare Alabi has taken to his social media profile to express his concerns over the high rate of illegal activities youths engaged theirselves in nowadays.

He wrote;

I have had it so rough, thinking of how it is so easy for us to shift from one evil act to another.

Sometimes ago, it was kidnapping, baddoo gang particularly in Lagos axis came into the show with their merciless killing of innocent people. Serial killings for money rituals followed in almost every parts of the nation.

Today, it is collection of ladies' pants and guys' boxers. It was even reported that some group had to buy new pants and forced some ladies to put it on, all in a stupid attempt to make money.

Why is it always difficult for us to invent good things and spread it across for the goodness of everyone.

I wish I could see Naija of my dream in my lifetime. Good morning pals!