Legal Armed Robbers: Police Brutality & Extortion continue in Nigeria

A young man, @__Stunner411 has taken to the micro blogging site, Twitter, to narrate his awful experience in the hands of the Intelligence Response Team (IGP-IRT) of the Nigeria Police Force.

Kehinde, in his narration, was on Saturday, March 20, unlawfully arrested, tortured before fleecing him of N1,000,000.

The rogue officers didn't state his offense before bundling him to Alausa Police Station, Ikeja where they illegally searched his phones for possible incriminating materials.

Finding nothing but just his huge account balance, much terror and threatening were unleashed on him after which N20m was demanded only to settle for N1m.

He accused them of falsifying statement on him coupled with a doctored video of him confessing he is a fraudster.

Narrating his ordeal, Kehinde said: "On the 20th of March 2021, myself and a friend were driving to the island when an unmarked sienna bus double crossed my car and four able bodied men jumped.

“Out in commando style pointing their AK470 riffle at us braking and ordering us to come down and enter their sienna, I was shocked as to what was going on, I refused to leave my car and enter the sienna. I was beaten, rough handled cloth torn and handcuffed.

"Like a criminal for refusing and standing on my ground to know what crime we have committed, after forcing me to enter my car, they drove us all the way to Alausa Police station Ikeja, Meanwhile our phones has been seized and we weren't allowed to call anyone.

"These bastards kept going through my phone searching for what I don't know, they finally stumbled on my account balance and I guess this triggered them to start calling me names like Hacker, Ritualist, saying where did a small boy like me got this amount of money

"They requested for 20M and said if I don't provide it I'll be flown to Abuja to meet their boss which will be much more worse. I was tasered, bruised, punched by Men of the IGP IRT for having money in my account. I [email protected] crypto trading/investment I never Committed any crime.

"After so many back and forth, they settled for 1million naira. These bastards wrote a statement for me claiming I'm a fraudster and even made a false video of me confessing that I'm a fraudster. I can still identify these men if I see them.

"They did everything so smoothly without any traces because they refused transfer and got the cash through POS. No names, No identity, I don't even think they're attached to the police station because I learnt that the IGP IRT guys and make use of any police station around.

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