Moozlie clapbacks on a troll who mocks her for celebrating 500k streams

Moozlie has taken to her social media to hit back critics claiming streaming milestone is false.

Yesterday, the star shared the news that her newly released album, "Spirit of an OG" has officially hit 500 000 streams across all digital platform.

The album featured the likes of AKA, 25K, Maggz, Reason and Black Motion.

Following the news, trolls came for her claiming she was lieing.

She said that the energy on twitter is weird and one fan proceeded to ask Moozlie who her fans are that streamed her album 500k times.

Moozlie tweeted, "The energy on twitter can be so weird. Why ya'll always just tryna be mad or mean?!".

A critic responded, "No one is tryna be mad or mean Sis. We just wanted to find out who had actually streamed your album 500 000 times, since we didn't know you had released an album in the first place. It's honestly not that deep hey. Love and peace".

Reacting to this, Moozlie clapped back at the same tweep who critiqued her for pooerly marketing her album because he wasn't aware of it's release.

She replied to him stressing that releasing music independently during a pandemic isn't easy.

"Independently releasing music in a pandemic isn't easy but the promo that we did have got us this far. So just because YOU didn't hear about it doesn't mean that it wasn't released or nobody streamed it. That's all I'm saying". She tweeted.

See tweet below:

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