Fans challenge Ntando Duma to #SilhouetteChallenge

Ntando Duma has been asked by fans to join the new TikTok challenge.

The #SilhouetteChallenge has been trending for quite some days now and many have participated and shared their videos on social media.

Ntando was asked by one of her fans to take part in the challenge because they were curious about how her body frame looks in the dark.

The star made it clear that she would not take part because she thinks she'll break the internet if she does

The #BussItChallenge gave women the opportunity to show off their twerking skills and the #SilhoutteChallenge is all about showing off the body.

Ntando was just not interested in taking part.

Responding to the request, she said: "Ya'll are pushing it. Wiybo."

Watch video below:

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