Lady calls out Stepmom over recent action on social media

A young lady recently shared her experience with her 24-year-old step mom.

Taking to her Twitter, the lady complained that her stepmom is not just doing what she is supposed to do even though she is just a few years older than her.

According to the post, the stepmom was tasked with buying her step-daughter a gift for her birthday and shared on her IG story that she was doing "mom duties"

She also mentioned that her stepmom later saw her tweet and started to share laughing emoji's.

This made her take the step of blocking her stepmom because she felt it was not funny, on the app.

She tweeted: "My Dad's 24 year old girlfriend was assigned to buy me a birthday gift she was busy posting Instagram stories with the quote 'Mommy duties'"

She then said: "She quoted this tweet with laughing emojis so I just blocked her it's not funny but kuyahlekisa"

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