Somizi slammed for showing off the gift he gave a waitress

Somizi has decided to bless a waitress some money who he was impressed with her service.

A trainee waitress at The Anti Social Social Club in Melville, Johannesburg was full of joy after the media personality gave her a R622 tip on Thursday.

The Idols SA judge, author and reality TV star shared his slip on Twitter on Thursday. His order totalled R378 but he settled the bill with R1,000 – leaving a huge tip.

Somizi captioned: "I know what it feels like to have your day made when you least expected it and when you probably needed it, and this young enthusiastic med student deserved this. She gave amazing service."

Many praised the star for his generosity while other were displeased for showing off and even went as far quoting a Bible verse to justify their stance.

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