WATCH: Bogopane-Zulu hands over 2,000 dignity packs to victims of GBV

A total of 2,000 dignity packs was handed over to a shelter for victims of gender-based violence on Tuesday. This was in light of the initiative launched by the Deputy Minister of Social Development Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu, together with Distell (Pty) Ltd to free South Africa from gender-based violence.

The dignity packs were received by the Areageng Bekkersdal Shelter in Randfontein.

Zulu said the initiative was part of implementing Pillar 6 of the National Strategic Plan on gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF), which focused on government and civil society's multi-sectoral strategic framework which recognised violence against women across age, location, disability, sexual orientation, sexual and gender identity, nationality and other diversities as well as violence against children.

She said: "Shelters for victims of GBVF and trafficking are residential facilities that accommodate victims of crime and violence, and their children, in a crisis situation where their safety is at risk. Half of the time when women and children run away from their abuser they leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs and many of them don't have money to buy anything."

Zulu said the Areageng Bekkersdal shelter was one of the four shelters to receive the dignity packs.

The director at the shelter, Mpule Thejane, said they were grateful for the dignity packs which were donated to the shelter.

"We continue to provide our women and children with safety, food, clothing,g and counselling so they can stop relying on those who have harmed them," said Thejane.

The Areageng Bekkersdal shelter was established in 2003 and it renders services to abused women and children. The shelter provides skills and training to the women, teaching them how to sustain themselves when they leave the shelter.

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