Magical home decor ideas to capture your imagination

While no one can outrun the COVID-19 pandemic, you can create a fantasy escape at home with these magical home decor ideas…

I lockdown and the stress of COVID-19 is getting you down, create an escape at home with magical home decor.

One of my most vivid childhood memories was exploring a garden in my neighbourhood designed to transport visitors into fairytales, complete with props, wall murals and lush planting. It should have been kitch, but it was so well done that it was simply magical.

It times like these, when we're stressed, scared and stuck at home, we could use a little magic – an escape from reality.

So here's a roundup of dreamy ideas to capture your imagination and inspire your creativity…

Whimsical mobiles and chimes

To get you started, here's a video that includes tutorials for a few ways to make pretty, whimsical mobiles and chimes you could use to decorate your home or garden with.

Although seemingly simple in design, if you made the plastic spiral chimes en masse and hung them from one tree, the effect would be enchanting.


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Fairy light branch chandelier and murals

If you've always loved the idea of a mural, and have the talent and patience, go for it!

In the following video, mural artists and interior designer Tiffany Brookes show us how she painted a forest mural on a ceiling in her home and then added a fairy light branch chandelier that she made. The effect is breathtakingly magical.

You could try doing something on a smaller scale by painting a branch, draping it with fairy lights and beads and suspending it from the ceiling or a pergola, if you're hanging it outdoors.

Invite the fairies

Fairy gardens aren't just for kids – although they are a great excuse to start one. Look for a spot in your home or garden to create a home for the fairies.

To get you started, here are two video tutorials about making a gorgeous fairy house and a fairy lantern.