More travel industry carnage as iconic TrekAmerica treks no more

The carnage wrought by the global pandemic on the travel industry continues, with the announcement that popular youth adventure travel company TrekAmerica has closed down.

This news has been met with dismay by generations of young South Africans, Britons, Australians, New Zealanders and Europeans who became 'trekkers' across the Americas from 1972 until the closure announcement was made last week.

TrekAmerica specialised in small group adventure trips for 18-35s  through the USA, Canada, Alaska and Central America.

Fun and low-cost travel for 'non-tourists'

Its ethos was 'Tours for non-tourists' and it provided a fun and low-cost way to travel around the continent for those who didn't mind roughing it a little bit.

Following the announcement that TrekAmerica will close, Managing Director Sam Seward said: "We are living in very challenging times, with the global pandemic affecting everyone in a profound way. We have seen our business move from record-breaking revenue figures in January to the worst year in our history."

He added: "It has been a horrible time for the entire team, who have worked tirelessly to put our customers' safety and happiness first."

Staff members and clients lament closure

Travellers with trips booked will get a full refund, or can transfer to a sister company, Exodus, which is continuing to trade normally. Both are owned by Travelopia, a UK-based international tour operator.

On the Trek America Facebook page, both staff members and clients lamented its demise and shared their memories.

"Every day, we've loved seeing you share your 'Trek Moments' from the road, your Throwback Thursday snaps, your squad reunions, your Trek weddings (and Trek babies), your souvenirs, your stories," said a post from employees.

"If you've been on one of our trips, we think you'll know what we mean when we say that TrekAmerica is more than just another holiday."

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