Emtee crashes 2 luxury cars and flees accident scenes

Emtee’s properties was said to be repossessed by his record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment which he slammed but the truth behind his cars and house has being revealed.

The rapper allegedly crashed his two luxury German cars within two weeks and allegedly fled the scenes of the accidents refusing to report the accidents to the police for insurance purposes when his record company asked him to do so.

Emtee also fled the Midrand house the stable had rented for him after he allegedly failed to pay almost R100,000 for water and electricity, and one of the rooms of the house was allegedly badly damaged after it was gutted by fire.

The musician’s record label management revealed all of these incident in response to last weekend’s media reports that they had repossessed the rapper’s house and cars after he dumped them.

While Ambitiouz owner Kgosi Mahumapelo refused to spill the tea, it was however, leaked to Sunday World by one of its former junior PR officials.

Here is what the drafted statement revealed about the whole incident with the cars and house.

“The record label did not repossess the Mercedes-Benz as alleged. At around 6am on Sunday 27th January 2019, Ambitiouz received a call from a tow-truck driver informing us about an unattended Mercedez Benz GLE 4×4 that was involved in an accident. The Ambitiouz team quickly rushed to the scene and on their arrival, Emtee and the two passengers were not there. The car was towed to an approved panel beater in Sandton, who gave us a quote of R706,787.

“The Ambitiouz team then organised transport for Emtee to be taken from his home to a hospital in Midrand to be treated. The label further assisted in him being admitted and contributed towards his medical bill.

“Ambitiouz Entertainment management went to visit him later in hospital and requested that he make a statement to the police in order to assist with insurance claims which he refused. The reasons for his refusal cannot be disclosed by the label.

“As a result he requested the label to repair the car, the cost of which he has signed an acknowledgement of debt [to pay],” reads the statement.

“The vehicle was towed to a panel beater and the repair cost was R244,371 and these damages have not been reported [to the police] for reasons known to him.”

We would also like to state that Emtee has never brought it to our attention that he is unhappy and wanted clearance,” the statement reads.

“Emtee and his family decided to leave the rented house on the 22nd of April 2019 without informing the record label or the landlord.

“This was after the landlord raised several concerns to Emtee about the state of the house and the damage caused during his stay, including a room that was badly burned.”

“The landlord further highlighted the water and refuse bill which was not paid for over a year, resulting in a bill of over R93,034. Instead of informing the label or taking responsibility, he opted to leave with his family without giving any legal notice. As a result, the label had to continue paying rent on an unoccupied house,” reads the statement.

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