Moozlie has been one of SA successful female rapper and she’s been toiling day and night to achieve more. However, she’s voiced out some key words concerning the validation of her songs.

In the spirit of confirming if she drops dope songs or not, the rapper clearly tweeted that she needs no high rotation nor million views to confirm she’s done a great work with her song.

Recently, Cassper Nyoveest also had a complain with high rotations with his songs after a fan called his attention to not appearing on the top songs chart in SA.

In series of tweets, Moozlie opened up about somethings she’d probably kept beneath tongue.

“I genuinely don’t need high rotation or a million views to tell me that my sh*t bangs. Especially where VATEL & S’FUNUKWAZI are concerned. That right there is some REAL GOOD SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC!!”

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