I Can Involve Stella Damasus In My Movie - Doris Simeon

Doris Simeon in an interview with Vanguard has said the unbelievable. According to her she can invite Stella Damasus, who allegedly ‘stole’ her man from her to her movie location as long as Stella will be willing to participate. She also s[poke about her other pain, her son living with his dad in the United State along with the actress, but says the case is still in court.

How often do you see your son who clocked eight recently?

He stays with his dad. I really don’t want to say much about this because we are still in court.

What lessons did you learn from your previous marriage?

I want to be closer to God and put God first in everything I do.

Is there any man in the picture?

I never gave up on love. I have found love again in Jesus. I am married to my career right now. I am in a relationship anyway but I want to be private about it.

How soon should we expect the wedding bells?

He has to wait for me to achieve some things.

What’s your relationship with Stella Damasus?

I have no business with her.

If you are producing a movie, can you invite Stella Damasus as one of the casts?

Yes, I can, after all, she is an actress and money is involved. I can do business with an enemy provided it is strictly business. Why her when I can always go for others?

Do you sometimes wish you were still with your ex-?

I don’t want him back. He is now in the past.

What does style mean to you ?

It means my person.

Having been separated from your husband but now in another relationship, how often do you have sex?

(laughs) I want to restore my virginity. I never thought of it but that will be whenever my man wants it.

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