Cardi B Goes Undercover On Social Media, Answers Questions About Herself (Watch Video)

Cardi B is being talked about almost everywhere now, she just dropped her debut album and aside from the fact that it has already gone Gold and received all kinds of love from Rihanna, Remy Ma, Chance the Rapper, SZA and more. She also let it be known that she’s expecting her first child, finally putting the rumours to rest.

The “Thru Your Phone” rapper teamed up with GQ for the publications “Actually Me” segment that sees celebrities hit up Reddit, Twitter and YouTube to answer the numerous questions that float around the web about their career and personal life.

Miss Cardi answered tons of questions on whether her personality is real or fake, if she recommends stripping to fans, why she makes those “weird sounds” and lots more.

Logging into Wikipedia to verify that she did in fact work at a market before being a stripper, Cardi explains that her getting fired is what pushed her to strip.

“I don’t recommend it to everybody because there’s some bads to it but it helped be alot,” she says in the video below. “It got me my first apartment, it got me my first few thousands, I met a lot of people. There’s pros and cons.” Adding, “some people are not built for it.”

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