Offset Flies In Cardi B’S Family For Album Release Party

Offset Flies In Cardi B’S Family For Album Release Party
Cardi B got a big surprise at her album release party.

The chart-topping rapper’s fiancé Offset flew her family in from the Dominican Republic for the special occasion, which was held at Cardi’s favorite restaurant, Philippe in New York.

“I just got surprised with my whole family in Philippe and shit,” she said in a video from the party. “I can’t believe that Offset flew in my niece, cousin, my grandma, my grandfather, my aunt from the Dominican Republic. You sneaky mother fucker…I love you so much.”

After the family-filled dinner, Cardi B thanked her fiancé once again. She also celebrated some of the people who helped her during the album process, including Pardison Fontaine, Atlantic Records, and her Quality Control management team.

“I want to thank everybody that kept me grounded because I was just all over the place,” she said. “I want to thank every artist that took their time and gave me a feature…[Offset] kept me grounded, focused during my album title. He brung my family over here.”

Cardi B released her debut Invasion of Privacy at midnight featuring guest spots from SZA, Chance the Rapper, Migos, Kehlani, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and 21 Savage. It is expected to top the Billboard 200 in its first week.

The work doesn’t stop. Tomorrow, Bardi will serve as musical guest on “Saturday Night Live.” On Monday, she will be the first-ever co-host on “The Tonight Show.”

Outside of music, Cardi B and Offset are fielding pregnancy rumors. “I have been so open to people about myself, people cannot expect me to open up about everything. Certain things have to be private,” she recently told Beats 1. “You cannot invade my damn privacy. I’m not a damn animal at the zoo, that you just could see everything. No. People will find out more. If it arrive, or if it don’t arrive, then you’re gonna know what the fuck’s going on.”

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