Oprah Winfrey Praises Cardi B On Her ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Album

Oprah Winfrey posted a portrait on O, The Oprah Magazine’s Instagram page with a caption that read “Listening to that new Cardi B album .” It’s now obvious that Oprah listens to trap beats, maybe even getting in on the lyrics. As soon as Cardi B caught wind of the post she dove into the comment section expressing her glee, then she screen capped it and reposted it on her Insta page for her fans to see. The two fan bases are at a point of becoming one merging alliance.

You might scoff at Cardi B’s giddyness, but until it happens to you, and Oprah sends you a note of appreciation, you’ll never quite understand. I can’t begin to imagine myself.

Juicy J was able to grasp the importance of this interaction, congratulating the emcee over twitter. A few other fans that took notice as well. Cardi will make her first appearance on Saturday Night Live alongside Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman tonight. Stay tuned for more Cardi, the wheels have yet to fall off.

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