Cardi B Reacts to Allegations Of Woman Having Offset’s 4th Child

Recently, Offset has found himself etangled in baby mama drama when he responded to allegations brought on by Celina Powell, who claims to have given birth to Offset’s 4th child. The rapper and Powell would exchange few words on Twitter after she decided to post screenshots of the moments that led to the creation of the newborn while Offset continued to deny even knowing Powell.

Naturally, the element of Offset being engaged to Cardi B, who is rumored to be carrying his child as well, made things just a little more complicated, and Cardi, who is not one to shy away from publicizing her sentiments alluded to the situation on Twitter when she tweeted out, “People are so miserable they rather believe a lie just to talk about something.” She added to the tweet, “you will soon thoo” in a reference we hope is geared toward her forthcoming debut album.

She went on to retweet some posts from fans, doubling down on her previous comments with one user writing, “It’s easy for y’all to say “ oh ignore ignore stop entertaining ” I mean yeah but at the end of the day she human like us,” addressing critics who believe Cardi B should be less vocal about the situation. “Famous or not it’s hard to keep your mouth shut and not express how you feel when you been use [sic] to saying how tf you feel.”

While this whole thing splays out, we’ll get to shift our focus back on the music soon as Cardi did previously reveal that we’d be getting the music video for her “Bartier Bardi” single before March is up, with her full-length album arriving next month.

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