Travis Scott Says The Weekend’s New Album Is “SCARY”

Travis Scott unveiled yesterday that The Weekend has been in the studio working on his new album, and it’s “SCARY”

The Weeknd’s most recent release has been the song ‘Pray For Me‘ with Kendrick Lamar from the Black Panther soundtrack. The singer, born Abel Tesfaye has been busy at work on his upcoming fourth LP. According to his good friend Travis Scott, the album sounds like The Weeknd from the House of Balloons days. “Abel new album is scary,” Scott tweeted on Friday. “It’s like when I first heard him for the first time. Fuckkkkkk !!!!!”

Let’s hope we get a release date soon. The duo previously worked on the songs ‘Pray 4 Love’ and ‘Wonderful’ off Scott’s Rodeo and Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight albums, respectfully.

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