Cardi B Bought Offset An Elaborate “Bando” Chain For Valentine’s Day Trevor Smith By Trevor Smith February 18, 2018 13:31 19K Views

You have to see it to believe it.

Migos already have some of the best jewelry in the game, but Offset’s latest piece is easily one of their most impressive pieces yet. The rapper showed off his new chain on Instagram this weekend, revealing what he called a “bando emoji” medallion with a working door and two versions of himself placed inside the diamond-encrusted house. “That’s me right there with that chopper on me. That’s me again on that stove,” he said. It appears to be a take on the “derelict house” emoji available in iOS. “Bando,” which is an abbreviation of “abandoned house,” was the name of one of Migos’ breakthrough hits.

According to the rapper, the piece was purchased by his fiancée Cardi B as a Valentine’s Day gift. It was designed by Elliot Avianne, the jeweler who has created inventive pieces for all of the Migos rappers as well as Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, and more.

Earlier this week, Cardi showed off some of her own jewelry that was sent to her by Offset. “I was gonna get you something that cost way less than this, but now I gotta up it up,” she said. Looking at Offset’s new bling, we’d say they’re more than even.

No word on how much the piece actually cost, but we know these things do not come cheap. Lil Uzi Cert recently dropped $350,000 for the upside-down cross chain Elliot designed him for the Grammys. Offset’s Ric Flair chain, which was given to him by Quality Control’s Pee for his 26th Birthday cost $70,000. It also earned the respect of Ric Flair himself.

You can check out some of Elliott’s best work, including Quavo’s Ratatouille, Crash Bandicoot, and Yoda pieces, Takeoff’s solar system chain, and Offset’s Freakzoid pendant, here.

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