Apple’s Siri Disrespects Takeoff; Only Names Quavo & Offset As Members Of Migos

Takeoff left off “Bad N Boujee” confirmed?

Now this is straight dirty by Apple. If you have an iPhone or iPad and have access to Siri (the voice command system) I recommend you ask it to name the members of the Migos. With no hesitation, Apple will respond with Quavo & Offset, completely disregarding Takeoff entirely.

Is this a big deal? Probably not, but it sure is rather big blender on Apple’s end for one of the biggest acts in all of music right now.

The so-called disrespect by Apple was first spotted by a fan on Reddit, and once I read the headline I instantly tried it out myself, and they’re right. Apple definitely doesn’t name Takeoff as a member of the Migos.

Ironically, Takeoff went viral earlier this year when he was asked how he felt about being left off “Bad N Boujee,” which he replied with “Do I Look like I was left off Bad N Boujee?” That line became an instant meme, and someone at Apple must’ve believed that the rappers on “Bad N Boujee” were only it.

DJ Akademiks also shared the photo of its confirmation on his IG page, giving us visual proof of Apple’s mistake.

You would think that someone at Apple would catch this soon and fix it, but for now try it your yourself and peep the proof (below).

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