Fortunately for fellow female rappers, Boity won’t be releasing an Ep anytime soon.

Just Kidding! Boity Isn’t Really A Rapper

Boitumelo Thulo is honestly just one of those people who needs no introduction really. The fitness enthusiast wears many hats of which she excels in all of them. Boity is well known for her presenting skills but every now and then, she takes a dab into different career paths.

Just Kidding! Boity Isn’t Really A Rapper

With all the drama surrounding the #MigosCultureTour, Boity stole the show when she joined Nasty C on stage and spit a few verses that she wrote herself, with the help of Nasty C of course. After her rapping debut with Nasty C, many argued that maybe Boity was venturing into the music industry which we wouldn’t mind because that way she could clap back at anyone who comes for her.

Just Kidding! Boity Isn’t Really A Rapper

In an Interview with Sunday World, Boity admitted that we shouldn’t be expecting any more bars from her at the moment because her and Nasty C were just having a little fun. She says that her rap awakening happened when she was still on Club 808 and Nasty C was a guest on the show. Their small rap encounter really left a mark on Boity because when Nasty asked if they could do a song together, she jumped at the opportunity.

“It was really after our fun rap on Club 808 that I decided to try it and just have fun in studio. Nasty C invited me to do a song with him and it was the perfect opportunity. I jumped at the chance‚” she said.

That one opportunity is what led to those amazing bars that some of us got to hear for the first time. For those who missed it, listen here.

“It was my first time recording a track so I was nervous and I did my best to write as much as possible. I wrote what I could. Nasty sat with me and tweaked it and then showed me how to approach it. It was a great experience.”

Unfortunately for us, we won’t be lining up at Musica to purchase a Boity Thulo album anytime soon as she says she was just having a little fun. The TV personality is not ready to add recording artist to her long list of achievements just yet, but maybe and just maybe, she might surprise us in the future.

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