Cardi B Pens Publishing Deal With Sony/ATV

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper just signed a worldwide publishing deal with Sony.

For many, it may seem that Cardi B popped out of nowhere. At least for those who aren’t paying attention to hip hop past the radio. As she said in her hit single, “Drop two mixtapes in six months, what bitch workin’ as hard as me?” It’s a valid question The Bronx native continued to pump out mixtapes and singles until something popped off for her. She recently penned a record deal with Atlantic Records and now, she seems to have landed another deal.

Cardi B has just landed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, Billboard reports. In a quote from Sony/ATV co-president Rick Krim sung high praises for Cardi B’s career, saying that she’s “one of a rare breed of unique artists who the industry only witnesses occasionally.” For Cardi, it’s another step she’s taking to bring her career to another height. She recently spent three weeks at the top of the Billboard 100 with “Bodak Yellow” which is a new record for any solo female rap single.

Senior Director of A&R at Sony/ATV, Jennifer Drake, also stated her excitement about working with Cardi B. She says that Cardi’s confidence in what she says played a huge factor in why they were interested in working with her.

“Cardi B is honest, real and refreshing and has the confidence to say exactly what she is thinking and feeling,” Drake continues, “It’s tangible and you can connect to that. We are so proud to be able to work with a talented artist like Cardi and excited to see her push the culture forward.”

Cardi continues to prove exactly what hard work and determination can accomplish. Since August, it seems like she’s grown into a prominent figure in the mainstream world. “Bodak Yellow” recently won the single of the year at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Aside from that, Nielson Music says the single has been streamed more than 440 million times and has garnered around 500,000 downloads in the U.S. alone.

Now, it’s time to see what she could do past the record. Hopefully that freestyle she promised to drop on her birthday comes sooner rather than later.

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