Offset and Quavo's Tribute to Late Migos Rapper Takeoff at BET Awards Explained

Offset recently took to Instagram Live to express his gratitude for the support and shed light on how he and Quavo were able to put aside their differences and create a tribute for their late bandmate, Takeoff, at the 2023 BET Awards. In the live session, Offset thanked their fans and revealed that the tribute was put together within a remarkably short timeframe.

The Migos rapper emphasized their commitment to their craft, stating, "We do that 'cause we're some real stars. We do this music." Offset also highlighted the unity between him and Quavo, saying they stood tall as brothers in honor of Takeoff. He expressed his appreciation for the support, describing the performance as a movie and a vibe that was much-needed for the culture.

Offset further praised their ability to create a powerful tribute in just 16 hours, emphasizing that when the three members of Migos collaborate, it always results in something cinematic, truthful, and godly. He concluded by expressing gratitude for the moment and declaring Migos as the greatest group to ever do it, while dedicating the performance to Takeoff.

The tribute took place at the 2023 BET Awards in Los Angeles, where Offset and Quavo set aside their personal discord to pay homage to their fallen bandmate. Dressed in all black, the duo stood on stage with a spotlight shining between them. As a symbol of Takeoff's presence, a rocket ship ascended from the stage, revealing a larger-than-life image of the late rapper. They then delivered a heartfelt performance of their 2017 hit "Bad & Boujee" amidst fiery pyrotechnics.

After the tribute, both Offset and Quavo shared messages on their Instagram pages, expressing their dedication to their family and acknowledging the significance of the moment. Offset's post included the message, "Do this st for the fam cuz this st is bigger than me #LL [rocket ship emoji]." The tribute not only honored Takeoff's memory but also showcased the resilience and unity of the Migos group.

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