DJ Envy Calls Out Gunplay for Illegally Recording Phone Call and Addresses Rick Ross Feud

DJ Envy Calls Out Gunplay for Illegally Recording Phone Call and Addresses Rick Ross Drama

The ongoing drama between DJ Envy and Gunplay took another turn as DJ Envy responded to Gunplay leaking a recorded phone call between them. The call captured DJ Envy apologizing to Gunplay for bringing up Gunplay's wife's GoFundMe page on air during a recent episode of The Breakfast Club. DJ Envy clarified that he didn't initiate the discussion about Gunplay's family and claimed that Gunplay had already talked about it publicly. Despite their initial heated conversation, DJ Envy explained that he apologized to Gunplay for any offense caused to his wife.

However, DJ Envy expressed his disappointment in Gunplay for publicly sharing their private conversation and highlighted the illegal nature of secretly recording someone's phone call without their knowledge. He referred to Florida law, stating that secretly recording phone conversations is a felony offense punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine. DJ Envy emphasized the importance of understanding the legal implications and urged Gunplay to be smarter about such actions.

Gunplay, on the other hand, justified his decision to air the phone call, claiming that DJ Envy did not apologize publicly as promised. Gunplay felt the need to take matters into his own hands and publicly share the conversation. In the leaked phone call, Gunplay can be heard threatening to slap DJ Envy in response to the on-air discussion about his daughters' GoFundMe page.

The conflict between DJ Envy and Gunplay seems to have stemmed from the ongoing feud between DJ Envy and Rick Ross over their respective car shows. Both parties have taken jabs at each other, and Gunplay became entangled in the feud. Rick Ross is set to host his second annual Car and Bike Show on his estate in Fayetteville, Georgia, while DJ Envy's Love for the Streets Car Show already took place in Memphis. Gunplay's decision to release the phone call adds another layer to the ongoing tension between the parties involved.

As the situation unfolds, fans and followers will be watching to see if DJ Envy, Gunplay, and Rick Ross can find a resolution and put an end to the public exchanges and controversies.

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