Kanye West's $57 Million Malibu Mansion Left in Ruins After Construction Company Closure

Kanye West's $57 Million Malibu Mansion Left in Disrepair After Construction Company Shutdown

Kanye West's lavish Japanese-inspired mansion in Malibu, California, is reportedly falling into disrepair following the closure of his construction company. According to UK's The Sun, the rapper-producer shut down his construction company, Yeezy Construction, Inc., in November, leaving the mansion in a state of mid-renovation ruin.

The Malibu mansion, originally listed for $75 million, was designed by Kanye's favorite architect, Tadao Ando. The property was intended to be a unique blend of architecture and art, with only a few Ando designs seen in the United States. However, the mansion now sits as an empty concrete shell with deteriorating balconies and abandoned utility pipes beneath the property.

Interestingly, Kanye's construction company was established in Wyoming, where he also purchased a $14 million ranch. Both properties seem to be suffering neglect, with reports suggesting that the rapper spends most of his time at a home on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

In a twist of fate, fellow artists Jay-Z and Beyoncé recently made headlines for their purchase of a $200 million Malibu home, also designed by Tadao Ando. While they enjoy their new luxurious abode, it appears that Kanye West is facing the consequences of leaving his mansion to deteriorate, leaving him with what could be considered a money pit.

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