From Friendship to Family: The Story Behind Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset's Unbreakable Bond

After Offset made it clear that he does not share a biological relationship with Quavo and Takeoff, fans are now curious about whether the two are biologically related to each other.

In a 2014 DJ Vlad interview, Quavo and Takeoff addressed their formation as a group, emphasizing their familial bond. Quavo stated, "Because we are family, we want to eat together," while Takeoff added, "we are all family." Quavo further clarified their relationship, pointing to Takeoff and saying, "This is my nephew," to which Takeoff responded, "That's my uncle."

While this interaction highlighted their family connection, it did not explicitly confirm a blood relationship between Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset. Quavo discussed Offset's inclusion in the group during the same interview, mentioning that he had known him since sixth grade and they had always been close friends.

In a separate 2014 interview with The Fader, Quavo provided more insight into how Offset joined Migos. He explained that Offset had been a part of their circle since sixth grade and they got him to start rapping in high school. Quavo mentioned that they would often gather in the basement to experiment with beats, and when Offset tried rapping, they were impressed by his talent.

Moreover, Quavo revealed that he and Takeoff were raised together in the same household, with Quavo's sister taking care of both of them. They moved from Athens to Gwinett when Takeoff was in elementary school and Quavo was in middle school. Quavo acknowledged his sister's role in their upbringing, stating, "His momma took care of everything, and us. We always stayed in the same house. We share everything. He's basically like a brother."

These interviews provide insights into the strong bond shared by Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset. While they may not share a biological relationship, their deep friendship and shared upbringing have solidified their connection as a family within the Migos group.

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