Mother of Slain Rapper FBG Duck Calls for Meeting with Lil Durk to Discuss Son's Death

The mother of the late Chicago rapper FBG Duck is seeking a meeting with Lil Durk, whom she has accused of involvement in her son's death. Lasheena Weekly, FBG Duck's mother, took to Instagram on Tuesday night to share a message directed at Lil Durk. In the message, she commended Lil Durk for his efforts to bring the city together and stop the violence, and she requested a meeting with him and the Mothers of Peace organization to further unite the city.

FBG Duck was tragically shot and killed in Chicago on August 4, 2020. The incident occurred while he was shopping in a wealthy neighborhood, where multiple men emerged from two vehicles and opened fire. FBG Duck was fatally shot, and a woman who was with him was also injured but survived.

In October 2021, five alleged members of the O Block street gang were charged in connection with FBG Duck's murder. The individuals faced charges including murder in aid of racketeering, federal firearm violations, and assaults in aid of racketeering. Subsequently, in April, a sixth man, Ralph Turpin, was charged in relation to the murder.

It was revealed earlier this year that FBG Duck had a $100,000 bounty on his head at the time of his death. Since then, FBG Duck's mother has been vocal on social media, repeatedly accusing Lil Durk of having some involvement in her son's murder. Now, she is seeking a meeting with him and the Mothers of Peace to discuss the situation and work towards unity in the city.

Further details about the potential meeting between Lil Durk, Lasheena Weekly, and the Mothers of Peace have yet to be announced, but the request signifies the mother's desire for closure and a resolution regarding her son's tragic death.

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