Lil Nas X Speechless and Bewildered on The Eric Andre Show

During his appearance on The Eric Andre Show, Lil Nas X found himself speechless and bewildered by the bizarre antics of the talk show-sketch comedy series. A clip from the upcoming season six premiere episode, which aired on Adult Swim, showcased the "Old Town Road" rapper donning a futuristic black and white motorcycle outfit.

Eric Andre, the show's host, immediately commented on Lil Nas X's attire, comparing it to something out of a Tron remake. The rapper kickstarts the interview by asking Eric if he believes in the Illuminati. As Eric affirms his belief, an uncanny scene unfolds—faces bulge out from the desk where he is seated, leaving Lil Nas X visibly unnerved.

Perplexed by the trippy display, Lil Nas X manages to utter a confused "OK," struggling to comprehend the surreal environment. Suddenly, a gas-like substance sprays out of Eric Andre's microphone, causing Lil Nas X to witness the host descend into a drugged state. In this altered state, Eric can only repeat the same question, slurring his words and drooling.

Finding himself puzzled by Eric's incoherence, Lil Nas X requests clarification on the question, but the host can only mumble the same response while exhibiting disheveled behavior.

The scene on The Eric Andre Show left Lil Nas X at a loss for words as he grappled with the unexpected and unconventional atmosphere of the talk show. The clip showcased the signature absurdity and unpredictability that has made the series a cult favorite among viewers. Fans can anticipate more offbeat moments when the new season premieres, providing an unforgettable and bizarre experience for both guests and audiences alike.

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