Instagram Video Surfaces of Man Flirting with Kanye West's Rumored Wife Bianca Censori

A video surfaced on Instagram on Saturday (May 20) featuring a user named gratefulboynue engaging in flirtatious banter with Bianca Censori, who is rumored to be Kanye West's wife. The setting appears to be a department store. The clip captures the man striking up a conversation with Censori, asking her if she is from Los Angeles, to which she responds affirmatively.

The man reveals that he recently moved to L.A. from Chicago, prompting Censori to respond with enthusiasm, saying, "Niiiiice." The conversation takes a lighthearted turn as the man compliments Censori on her good eye contact. She chuckles and acknowledges the compliment, asking if he is simply shopping around.

Interestingly, Censori shares with the man, a complete stranger based on the video, that she has been looking for shorts to try on. The exchange takes an abrupt pause when gratefulboynue boldly asks for her phone number. Censori promptly shuts down the request by stating, "I'm married!" while proudly flashing a large diamond ring on her finger.

The video's caption reads, "Yea Married To Kanye," accompanied by a raised eyebrow emoji. This caption implies that Bianca Censori is indeed married to Kanye West, which could be the first confirmation of their marital status. Reports emerged in January suggesting that Ye and Censori had tied the knot in a private ceremony. Since then, the couple has been spotted together, walking hand in hand in Los Angeles.

Ultimately, the encounter depicted in the video portrays an awkward conversation between an unsuspecting man and Bianca Censori. Fortunately for him, Kanye West was not present during this exchange.

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