Annie Idibia speaks on the criticisms she receives for being married to 2baba

Nigerian actress, Annie Idibia has been left emotional while speaking on the heavy criticisms she receives for being married to 2baba.

On an episode of the South African hit reality show, Young Famous and African, Annie Idibia while discussing with one of the cast, noted how people on social media prefer to believe the rumors about her husband.

The mother of two pointed out how every two years, rumors of her husband impregnating a banker always resurfaces.

She stated that what baffles her the most is that people who read these blogs, can't fathom that the story is a repeated one.

Describing her trolls and critics as heartless, she added that many call her out for being a disgrace to women and for raising toxic kids.
Issuing them a warning, Annie Idibia told them to leave their children.

"People want to believe the bad story, they want to believe the worse. People are heartless. They come and they tell me you are a disgrace to women, you are raising toxic kids.

Leave our children alone, they don't understand".

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