Influencer, Caramel Plug reveals that men are the cause of Bbl's along women

Content creator and influencer Caramel Plugg has expressed her belief that men are to blame for the rising trend of Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBLs) among women.

She said this during a recent appearance on the BTS Reality podcast hosted by Jermaine.

She said that women undergo bbl's because men tend to prefer women with larger buttocks. Despite publicly criticising women for undergoing such surgeries, men allegedly still privately patronise them.

She said, "Everything they will say, we are dragging men. But it's men that always cause it too. I'm serious. It's men that cause it too.

"You will see things like, 'Oh! This one has done BBL.' But on the low you will patronise them. On the low you are looking for surgery preferable. On the low this one has not done BBL, you don't want. It's true."

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