Iyabo Ojo reacts as man calls her out for not fulfilling her promise to him

Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo has reacted after a man called her out for not fulfilling her promise to him. 

Instagram blogger, Gossip Mill TV, had uploaded a video of a sick man who was in dire need of help. 

Reacting to this, Iyabo Ojo had  offered to help him. Iyabo Ojo prayed for his health and urged Nigerians to offer any assistance to him. She asked the blog to send her his account details for her to assist him.

"It is well with his spirit & soul, may God restore his health, happiness, and hope… Please help send his account details to my DM if you can. My beautiful people, please, please, please let's help him. If you can depression is real… May he find healing & peace of mind….".

However another blog had uploaded a video of the man lamenting over how Iyabo Ojo didn't fulfill her promise to him.

In reaction, Iyabo Ojo made it known that she didn't receive his account number and didn't know how to reach out to him.

She revealed that she wanted to gift the man N100k, but didn't know how to get to him.
Iyabo urged the public to also assist him.

"If you read my comment you will notice I asked @gossipmilltv to DM me his acct details, I guess they didn't have it & when I read comments under the post then, no one posted it. I don't follow the guy nor do I know his page & I'm not on Facebook either so he might not be able to get to me easily. That I understand… Now! What I wanted to send to him was just a little toke. Of 100k to support him. Tho I think what I gift him or not should stop anyone from wanting to help him. So please if you want to help him please do so & God bless you as you do so…..".

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