Comedian, Seyi Law posts disturbing message his wife receives from a troll

Nigerian comedian and actor, Seyi Law has shared a disturbing message his wife received from a political extreme over his presidential choice.

During the election, Seyi Law lost the love and support of fans when he declared his love for Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

The comedian's wife had received a DM from a troll praying for his daughter's death.

The unknown person had vowed that the comedian in Uk where he and his family reside wouldn't be suitable for them.

"Tell your husband, UK no go contain Una. This your daughter must die. Since he joined the people destroying Nigeria and he carry una go UK go hide, na that same UK Dem go take kill this una daughter".

Sharing the screenshot of the DM, he wrote,
"See what one of them sent to my wife. Even more in my DM for not supporting their candidate".

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