Mercy Aigbe gets dragged for referring to herself as

Actress Minnah Mercy Aigbe has been corrected over a new name she gave herself since she converted to Islam.

Mercy Aigbe noted recently that she converted to her husband's religion, Islam and now bears Hajia Minnah.

She noted the name in all her social media posts. Today, she posted a picture and captioned it 'Hajia Minnah', leading to her being mocked for using the wrong adjective.

A fan reacted and noted that she should not tag herself as an 'Hajia' since she has not been to Mecca. The fan indicated that her husband ought to have corrected her and taught her the right thing.

She wrote: You're not supposed to address yourself or be addressed as "Hajia" yet because you haven't been to Hajj in Mecca. You are to be addressed as "Mallama" your husband was supposed to have taught you that.

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