Food critic, Opeyemi Famakin raises alarm over death threats he received after reviewing Jazzy burger

Nigerian food critic, Opeyemi Famakin has raised alarm over the number of death threats he has been receiving for reviewing music executive, Don Jazzy's burger.

Opeyemi had done a review of Don Jazzy's burger recently and he spoke about his disappointments which he didn't observe in his first review. 

Opeyemi called out the Mavins' boss while critiquing the executive. 

Famakin took to Instagram with claims that Don Jazzy's fans have been sending him death threats over the review.

He wrote: "The Number of Death Threats I've gotten today from Don Jazzy Fans
For the first time in my life, As a food critic, I am Legit scared for my life

If anything happens to me, it was nice serving y'all

Remember, If I said it, then I meant it"
He added, Not gonna lie, I do not feel safe with the DMS I've been getting. Imagine being shot because of a burger review".

"Apparently my skin is not as thick as I thought it was. Not when my life is involved. After what happened to Aka. e reach to be paranoid".

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