Paul Okoye drags Hakimi Supporters

Paul Okoye has reacted to those supporting the deeds of footballer Hakimi over his divorce case.

He dragged Hakimi's supporters and told them to go and marry their mothers instead since they do not trust their wives enough.

'I don't understand why most men are rejoicing over this Hakimi story? Like I don't get it. The truth is bitter but needs to be told. If you don't trust her then don't marry as simple as that. Or are you expecting your wife to surfer after divorce?

Even pesin wey no get uptop 3k for account dey follow attack me for my tweet on Hakimi's divorce. E dey follow shout "MAN OF OF THE YEAR" Ndi ara

Remember!!! The one you trusted with all your property in the name of Mother was once your father's wife

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