Simi has addressed Burna Boy's fans for degrading her husband, Adekunle Gold.

A fan of Burna boy had noticed how Adekunle Gold was always wearing similar outfits to Burna Boy and also imitating his style, pose, and patterns.

"The Burna Boy plagiarism is really so obvious and very annoying at this point. Man can't you just be yourself? Same posture, same glasses, same smile, wtf?? It's been going on for a while now and we need to speak on it.

Now he's already linking with Odg's pals, the most annoying part of it all is that he doesn't acknowledge that he copies Odg in any way"

"Y'all really want to say this is coincidence? LMAOo, na to go sing LastLast remain for am", he tweeeted.

Defending her husband, Simi mentioned how people who have good things going on in their lives never do things like that.

"People that have good things going on in their lives really never do shit like this.

And that's facts for everyone. When you come.on the internet talking nonsense about anyone minding their damn business, your life is most likely sad and you're distracting yourself. So it's you. I'm sorry for".

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