Toyin Abraham comes under hot fire for her role in movie

Drama entrails following the role of A-list Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham in a trending movie, Gangs of Lagos.

The movie captured Toyin Abraham lamenting the 20 years of struggle of Lagosians under the leadership of a particular party in the state.

The actress angrily called out the government for not fulfilling their responsibilities for their state while they take their children overseas for safety.

She also said that  the government in power kept transferring public funds into their personal account and used the children masses to enhance their evil motives.

The movie, which was shot some years back has got many talking about the role of Toyin Abraham, which is tagged 'double standard' to her support of the party.

The All Progressives Congress have been the ruling party in Lagos State for over ten years and Toyi Abraham's statement in the movie is not far from the lamentations of the public in the state.

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