Nkechi Blessing's boyfriend disgraces her on social media because of panties

Nigerian actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has been left humiliated after her boyfriend disgraced her on social media.

Her boyfriend had shared a video of him holding a pant as he gave thanks to God for making Nkechi Blessing turn a new leave.

He said , 'What God cannot do does exist', he added that he would throw a Thanksgiving party to celebrate it.

"This lady right here doesn't wear pants but what God cannot do doesn't exist. So as from today, she has started wearing pants. You can see the pant, it's for the glory of the lord. 

Please any day you don't see her without pants, you didn't see that line, report to me. Let me know, report to me cause as from today, she will be wearing pants. We have different types of pants and we will be opening a pant sale very soon. Thank you very much".
"What God cannot do doesn't exist. This calls for Thanksgiving".

Taking to his Instagram page to drop a comment, Nkechi Blessing threatened to take legal action against him.

She told him to hire a senior advocate of Nigeria, SAN as they would meet in court.
"We shall meet in court…Hire SAN".

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