Korra Obidi dragged by her ex husband, Justin after she acquired new mansion

Controversial singer, Korra Obidi, has been criticized by her ex-husband, Justin Dean, just days after she purchased a new mansion in Los Angeles.

Justin posted a video on his Tiktok comparing his rented apartment to Korra's new mansion. He noted that people had been misinformed as a mansion offers 5000 square ft. with 5 to 6 bedrooms which hers didn't have.

He said: "I am 2000 square feet short of a mansion. There is a condo downstairs; if you put both of these together, mine is almost a mansion. So many people are putting phrases on the internet with complete inaccuracy."

"I will give you 1k dollars if you show me evidence of my kids locked up in a room", he said. 

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