Nancy Isime speaks on being seen as a sex symbol

Nigerian actress and media personality Nancy Isime has spoken on why she feels it is weird to be called or seen as a sex symbol.

Speaking on if she's aware that many consider her a sex symbol, the actress said, 

"I know. And it's weird. Because what did I do? It's just weird. Because I don't even know. See the thing I'm talking about. I have no makeup on. Literally, I have a hat on. I'm all covered up. 

I see myself as a crush symbol because there's a huge- everybody "you're my crush", "he crush", "e crusher", but sex symbol, I don't get that a lot....Yeah, I know probably there are fantasies of that. And it also happens with being a single woman. 

Maybe when I get married, all of that dies down a little bit. I feel like when you're married, that kinda dies down. Some sick people still stay and say they want to have sex with you when you're married, but sex symbol, I don't see myself as that."

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