Mercy Aigbe reveals her Muslim name as she converts to Islam

Nigerian actress, Mercy Aigbe has revealed the meaning behind her Muslim name.

The wife of Marketer, Kazim Adeoti who has embraced her husband's religion, announced to the public that she is now Hajia Minnah.

"So I saw a lot of comments regarding my name Minnah that cracked me up so bad. Some comments are so hilarious. Yes! Minnah is a beautiful, Islamic name and it means Mercy… Gift from Allah (google to confirm) Ramadan Kareem".

She added, "I saw a lot of comments from some Muslims saying it's Aminat, some said it's 'Meenah' and Menna is not a Muslim name, etc. So it is not Aminat, neither is it Meenah… The correct name is Minnah.

I understand it's not a common name so a lot of people aren't used to it, it's a powerful, sweet, unique name that's why when hubby suggested it. I loved it.

If you are a Muslim and searching for unique baby girl names for your princess. I'll recommend Minnah and make sure you invite me to the naming".

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