Davido speaks about the loss of his son and loved ones

Davido has spoken out for the first time about losing his son and loved ones.

During his media rounds for his new album, Timeless, Davido revealed that LCND from his album, was dedicated to them.

He said that losing his mother at 10, his bodyguard and his best friend within the space of two year and then his son was too much for him to bear.

"I made that record funnily enough like 2years ago. That's the oldest song in the album. Just overtime everybody knows it's been 11 years. Losing my mum at 10, losing my bestfriend and bodyguard in one-two years, and then my child. All that together. I wouldn't say the song is sad.

To me I just feel since I lost them they haven't left me spiritually. I feel them around me, so I said legends never die. They are all legends. They are gone but to me they aren't really gone. They will always be here.

That is my most inspirational song".

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