Celebrity Auto dealer, IVD reveals how he lost his friends and associates over issues

It looks like Celebrity auto dealer, Ikechukwu Ogbonna popularly known as IVD has lost a lot of his friends and close associates following the controversies surrounding his wife's death.

Posting on his Instagram story, the businessman revealed that his friends and associates have all distanced themselves from him, over what he considers as 'little' issues.

He noted that everyone only seems to be a family or friends when the going is good, but when things happen, they distance themselves.

"Everyone seems to be a family or friends when the Big Bang is at the corner, my brother just try get small issues, then you will see this friends as a liar, they can't even come close or ask hope fine.

I pray and hope this time make I no be the Mugu victim again, whatever you purchasing or preorder make sure complete cash ni more 70 or 80% is available".

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