Monalisa Stephen calls out Teni for weightloss

Motivational speaker and plus size model, Monalisa Stephen has revealed that popular Nigerian singer, Teni made people criticize her on social media.

Few months back, Teni revealed that she does not want to die young, so she embarked on weight loss journey.

In reaction, Monalisa had slammed Teni for throwing jabs at fat people subtly.

She said "I wasn't angry because Teni lost weight. Why would I be angry because someone decides to lose weight? Do I know her journey? I was angry because she made a video saying all sorts of things that now 'I am beautiful', now I don't want to die'. Is she saying fat people are going to die tomorrow? It's a psychological thing. She put me up for 'drag'".

"When Eniola Badmus lost weight, people were actually tagging me to her weight loss pictures.They do it all the time.Teni knows. So why would she make that video when she knows they will take me up for dragging. Immediately she posted it, people started 'dragging' me saying Teni  has lost weight and that  I am deceiving myself".

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